Roaming Rhinos

Name: Ronald and Reggie

Born: South Africa

Mission: We are part of a crash of pondersome Pachyderms battling for survival & hoping to educate & raise awareness of our lives and the plight of our planet.

Special Powers: Both Ron and Reggie can, and do, walk on two legs when the mood takes them.

Ron and Reggie are thoughtful rhinos
Ron is a White rhino
Reggie is a Black rhino
Roaming rhino crash – from top left we have Jabu, our Javan rhino; Reggie, black rhino with a purple beret, Tharushi, Indian rhino; Ronald, white rhino black beret and Sucki, a Sumatran rhino.

As part of their remit to educate and inspire the rhino crash can now be seen featuring in an activity book. Aimed at 9-11 year olds it’s rhino-tastic fun for all ages. Find them at ThoughtfulRhino on Etsy.

Greater one horned rhino 101
Javan rhino 101
Sumatran rhino 101
Introducing Olive, an Oxpecker and friend of Ron and Reggie