The Adventures of Mr Max

My name is Max. I am a German Shepherd dog. In the hooman year known as 2019 I met my new family. I was about two years old at the time and had found myself living in a dog shelter. Not the worst place to be, I was warm and had a comfy bed. But I didn’t like it. Then one day two new hoomans came to take me for a walk. They were friendly and gave me lots of attention. Most importantly they smelled good. They visited me again and again and one day they took me for a ride to their house and I decided it was nice and I stayed. I was very quiet at first because I was not sure why my first family left me at the shelter and I didn’t want my new family to do the same. As I came to trust my new family I began to relax and enjoy myself.

Over the months I have been able to start training my hoomans. They can now give me attention when I tap my foot and snacks when I show them which cupboard I am interested in. I am really very proud of their progress!

As a smart and creative dog I have enlisted one of my hoomans to help with this page where we will document some of my exploits. I have it on good authority that there are other hoomans out there, on the line, that will appreciate a little cute canine distraction.

One of my early works to support the amazing work of my contemporaries, the Ranger Dogs, on World Rhino Day.